Utilizing a tight team and trustful collaborators, Adam has been able to grow his diverse body of work as Director of Photography.  Within recent years, Adam has worked on several projects that have gone on to receive awards and nominations at film festivals.  

   Recently, Adam has been able to work on several projects, ranging from features, documentary and motorsports. Having just finished work on a documentary for Northrop Grumman, as Second Unit Director of Photography. The documentary is set to be finish post production sometime in 2020.  

   With experience on a multitude of camera platforms ranging from RED to HDSLR, Adam embraces the never ending expansion of technology within the world of digital cinema and is always seeking to customize a workflow best suited for the production. 

    With short films, web series, music videos and narratives under his belt, Adam continues to develop a strong eye and equally crafty mind to continue creating at every possibly juncture  

   Apart from cinematography, Adam enjoys wrenching on cars and working with his hands whenever possible. 

“The 35mm point and shoot was just about glued to my hand from a young age, from there I discovered Hi8 — and as they say, the rest is history.”